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Natasha Maurits appointed visiting professor at Department of Bioengineering at Strathclyde University

Per January 1, 2013, Natasha Maurits has been appointed Visiting Professor at the Department of Bioengineering at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, UK, for a period of three years. Here, she will further expand her scientific collaboration with Prof. Bernard Conway and his group. Prof. Conway is an expert in the neuronal mechanisms that contribute to the generation and control of movement in humans and employs a variety of techniques (a.o. high density EEG data capture and analysis systems, haptic interfaces for hand and arm, virtual reality and multichannel EMG recording and analysis). In addition, Maurits will teach, conveying her knowledge on clinical neuroengineering to bioengineering students.


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Harold Snieder appointed visiting professor at Estonian Genome Center

Today, PredSL PI Harold Snieder was appointed as visiting professor for 5 years at the Estonian Genome Center, University of Tartu, Estonia. Snieder is very excited about this appointment. The Estonian Biobank study is very similar to the LifeLines Biobank Cohort Study in both goals and scope, so he expects many opportunities for closer collaboration. Together they are in an even better position to tackle scientific questions regarding effects of genes, environmental exposures and their interactions on complex traits and diseases.

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